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OH! The Insanity of Me!

Ramblings of a Badly Behaved Woman With Fingerless Gloves

12 November
I'm well and truly over the age of 18 - and loving it! Though the effects of gravity on the poor old body can be a bit daunting at times....

I'm a bit of a jack of all trades - I'm a singer, musician, composer, poet, dabble in drawing painting sculpture photography jewellery making and textile arts, and write the occasional prose. I've also done stage, lighting and sound production.

I like to try my hand at anything that interests me, and have had the great fortune to actually make a living out of most of my passions, and fully realise how rare that is - and am very grateful for my good luck.

I'm the single mum of a very entertaining and totally off the wall teen, and enjoy every minute of it.. even when I'm daydreaming of infanticide, which, luckily, isn't often.

I live in a small hamlet just outside of a town in the blue mountains on the east coast of Australia, about 2hrs drive from Sydney - one of the few places it actually snows in this country - in an old converted shop, built in 1868 that had originally been a way station for people building the first road over the mountains.

I have the pleasure of the company of kangaroos, wallabies, walleroos and the odd echidna in the park behind my property most evenings, grazing and drinking from the creek - along with those comes the ever present blue tongued lizards, brown, tiger, and black snakes, and quite a few copperheads (come to Australia -land of bitey stingy things that don't like you - you might accidentally get killed).

I have 2 dogs and one cat (all rescue animals)who are much loved, and are very much a part of the family.

I've joined LJ mainly to read the writing, and view the artwork of others, but may get the nerve to post some of my work one day - I must admit, the quality and talent of many of the artists here is quite intimidating!

I'm a HUGE Potterhead - that's P.O.T. T.E.R......(ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies)- and am a recent(ish) convert to fan fiction of that genre - and yes, I love the ones with more adult concepts, plotlines, and, of course where they do naughty things to each other - what can I say - I'm a pathetic, pervy creature!

Luckily, I've found I'm definitely not alone, and besides, if they didn't want we PPC's to obsess, they shouldn't have cast the utterly gorgeous Jason Isaacs and the velvet voiced Alan Rickman - they have only themselves to blame - I'm an innocent victim of media manipulation!....A victim I say! Though a willing one, I'll admit.

I'll also admit that I DID fall in love with Snape's character while reading the books (see how pathetic I am?).
The tragedy of the unfulfilled potential, and for someone to love so fiercely and completely - and all the layers of his character that were mostly hinted at due to JKR's main target audience - fierce, dark, loyal, tragic, snarky, courageous, passionate AND a mystery ..... how could I resist?
He deserved so much better than his fate as she wrote it... and in the world of fan fiction, he can have it.

My sense of justice AND perviness assuaged at the same time... sounds win/win to me!

For anyone curious, my username is actually the meaning of my first and middle name, and both are quite mundane, unfortunately - see if you can figure out what they are... you'll be disappointed, I assure you!

Anyway, that's pretty much me....