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A Funny and a Hi!

Hello my lovelies! It's been ages, I know, since I posted anything, so I thought I'd pop in with a little bit of humour that tickled me. I'll have to get my bum into gear and catch up on all of my flist's posts and I'll try not to be such a stranger.
In the meantime, I thought I"d post this handy household hint. I hope you enjoy this:

How to fold fitted sheets

I tried this handy household hint and you know what?

[Spoiler (click to open)]

It worked a treat!

fitted sheet factory

Cheers m'dears!
DL xxxxxxxx
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Pattern Resource for Medieval/HP/Starwars etc Cosplay (or just for cool cloaks and hoods!)

I found a collection of wonderful medieval, cloak and hood patterns and tutorials by the oh-so-talented-and-generous Eqos on deviantart. I love these patterns - they're very easy to follow and the construction is authentic, which I appreciate. She has Quiddich robes in several sizes as well!

If you're after a cloak or robe pattern and tutorials and you have basic understanding of sewing skills, hers are good, with minimum cloth wastage and good, clear tutorials.

I'll just post one scaled down example here and you can see her others at http://eqos.deviantart.com/gallery/1866026/Patterns-Tutorials


I couldn't resist - here's one more that would make a good Jedi, Sith or Emperor's Robe:

Collapse )

If what you're after isn't there, there are quite a few people who generously post their patterns etc on deviantart so have a cruise around and you may just find what you're looking for - clever clogs, they are!

Hope you find these useful!

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Great Documentary Series - Australia The First Four Billion Years

This is a great four part documentary series for anyone interested in the Earth's geological history, the beginning of life on Earth, natural history, dinosaurs, Australian mega and modern fauna and early modern human settlement. It really covers things in an interesting way with good CGI and information put forward in a fascinating, accurate and entertaining way and if you like any of the aforementioned, you'll like this.

I have it on DVD and I was glad to find it on youtube so I could share it with you all. Over here, it was released as Australia: A Time Traveller's Guide, but this is the same series, just with a different name.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

I tried to embed all four episodes in a playlist, but if it doesn't work, here's the link - it should open in a new window so you won't lose lj :

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The Nightmare - A Documentary on Sleep Paralysis

A very interesting doco on the experiences of those suffering from sleep paralysis. While very interesting, I really wouldn't recommend you watch this before going to bed! This doesn't delve into the medical explanations (the medical field has very few treatments to recommend, although they claim to know what causes it), it's the recounting of the experiences a group of people suffering this condition.

Most people I've spoken to of this have told me they've had at least one episode where they've woken, unable to move. I think it's quite a common thing, but for some of us, it happens on a more regular basis and is often accompanied by disturbing visions, sounds and/or sensations. I'm one of those that has been a regular sufferer of this over most of my life.

I have suffered this on and off over the years, sometimes regularly for extended periods, sometimes sporadically over periods of time and sometimes just one-offs.

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Although I have sleep paralysis, I consider myself very lucky after hearing the experiences of the people in this documentary - my experiences could have been so very much worse!

I've come to the conclusion that, for me at least, it tends to be influenced by my environment as it's only happened in certain places and when I've moved from a place where it's happened, it stops. I worked nights for many years and I also found it never happened when I slept during the day.  My family are nearly all sleep walkers and talkers at times, too, so I'd also venture there's a genetic factor involved.

I'd be very interested to hear if anyone else has experienced anything along these lines and I hope they weren't too terrifying for you.

I found this documentary quite comforting in that I've rarely gone into detail over my experiences as I thought mine were at the extreme end of the scale and even though my heart goes out to these people in the doco, I find it's a relief to know I'm not alone, self deluding or even if I may be above the average in scale of severity, I'm certainly not at the extreme.
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A Funny For You

One day, three men were hiking and unexpectedly came upon a large raging, violent river. They needed to get to the other side, but had no idea of how to do so.

The first man prayed to God, saying, "Please God, give me the strength to cross this river." Poof! God gave him big arms and strong legs, and he was able to swim across the river in about two hours, but only after almost drowning a couple of times.

Seeing this, the second man prayed to God, saying, "Please God, give me the strength ... and the tools to cross this river." Poof! God gave him a rowboat and he was able to row across the river in about an hour, but only after almost capsizing the boat a couple of times.

The third man had seen how this had worked out for the other two, so he also prayed to God saying, "Please God, give me the strength,  the tools...and the intelligence... to cross this river." And poof! God turned him into a woman.

She looked at the map, asked directions from a local couple she met on the way, hiked upstream a couple of hundred yards, then walked across the bridge.
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Strong, Feminist Hermione...WONDERFUL! Dedicated to Macaparket on Her Birthday!

I was sent the link to this today and just had to post and share! I'm dedicating this to the wonderful macaparket, another strong, good woman, on her birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you wonderful person, you! xxxxxx

This is so very good and I hope you all liked it. It's funny it should have turned up in my inbox today as I'd just been having a conversation on human rights with my son and some friends, who, I'm very glad to say, were in complete agreement with me as to the sad state of the situation and we had a very good discussion on what can be done to get back on track. I found it refreshingly hopeful that a group of eighteen and nineteen year old boys could be so insightful - there's hope for us yet!

I don't know whether it was done intentionally, but I found it a nice touch of ironic subtext that this video was narrated by a man and that bitch was used in the modern use as a derogatory term to describe a male who's been bettered or is inferior. Feminist Hermione would never use that word in that context!

I'd like to think it was intentional as it gave me quite a smirk.
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Public Art: The Kelpies

I only stumbled upon this wonderful installation today by accident while reading up on folklore and just had to share!

These are The Kelpies, 30 metre high stainless steel sculptures guarding a new extension to the Forth & Clyde Canal. You can find them in The Helix, a new park located between Grangemouth and Falkirk in Scotland. They were designed by sculptor Andy Scott and  form a gateway at the eastern entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal, and the new canal extension built as part of The Helix land transformation project.

Aren't they just magnificent?


I don't recall this being reported over here, but apparently it was by at least one newspaper but I must have missed it. No doubt most of my UK friends will be familiar with them, but I was just so blown away by them I had to share them here.

There's more information on them on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kelpies plus a full resolution of this picture. Art rarely pleases everyone so I'm sure they have their critics, but I love them!